From being an award wining communications specialist to a singer, GAUTAM GUPTAA talks about his passion for singing and his new album

He is an award - winning internationally experienced communications specialist and has been Director, Corporate Training Division, The Personality School, Mumbai since 1993. He offers consulting, coaching and customized training services. His areas of expertise include speaking and presentation skills, multicultural communication, business etiquette, call center training, customer service and professional communication. He has also authored his own book 'The 1st 4 Seconds' that speaks on making first impressions and tips on personality development.

He has a strong belief in the saying "Music is food for the soul". Being a Jagjit sing loyalist, he has done a number of shows in Canada and in the U.S. with a band of 20 odd people. Garry, as friends all over know him, has made a name for himself in the music industry. Infact he is also superstitious of his surname and has thus added the extra 'a' to it last year.

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Gautam recently released 'Tannhaaii', his debut album that is a collection of 10 tracks. Soft spoken and well informed about his album, Gautam states categorically. "Tannhaaii" touches your heart with its purity of emotion and its soulfulness, which can only come to the forefront when one has experienced pain, " Though he has done 3 originals, there are 2 cover tracks 'Lambe judaai' from 'Hero' , a personal favorite of the singer and ' Dhal Gaya'. The theme of this album, Separation- 'Judaai' , revolves around a voice that expresses pain as well as empathy. Gautam has also included a few club mixes and instrumental versions of his original songs. 'Piya Bina', 'Mohe Tum Bin' and 'Kanha', so that a broader spectrum of society can enjoy different genres of music in one CD.

The Melody in Gautam Garry's Voice Can transport you to a different world. And That's Why the 7 tracks of 'Kafilla' his second album, are an absolute must-listen for any music aficionado. After the runway Success of Tannhaii, his debut album ,Gautam's fans have been waiting for the release of Kafilla, which is an ode to punjabi folk music and a blend of traditional songs as well as original tracks. About 'Kafilla', Garry says, "Kafilla touches your heart with its purity of emotion and poignancy, which can only come to the forefront when one has experienced pain." The album comprises seven tracks, three of which are original renditions. The album begins with 'Sun Charkha Dee', a heart-warming song that has been sung by legends like Reshma and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and one that express the beauty of forgotten love. The remaining tracks include a club mix as well as a popular song from his debut album, Tannhaaii. The album reaches out to a broad spectrum of society and appeals to all age groups. Gautam's talents cannot be subsumed in his albums - his is a voice that can launch a thousand albums, and a personality that can transform people into winners.
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