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~ Oxford Bookstore hosts the Launch of a bright New Entrant in the world of Self - help ~  Mumbai, October 27, 2004 : Macmillan India Ltd in association with the Oxford Bookstore launched the book, The 1st 4 Seconds written by Gautam Guptaa on October 27th '04. Kunika Sadanand Lall, Actress and Social activist launched the book and nandita Puri, author and journalist read out excerpts from the book.


Speaking about the book, Gautam Guptaa said, "Without effective presentation, skill is an uncut diamond"




Gautam Guptaa, an Award - winning internationally experiences communications specialist, has been the Director of The Personality School, Mumbai since 1993. He offers consulting, coaching and customized training services. His areas of expertise include speaking and presentation skills. He is a certified expert in corporate etiquette and international protocol. The First 4 Seconds is your guide to effective communication. Discussing the nuances of presentation, Gautam presents you with a perfect guide on how to leave a lasting impression in the first 4 Seconds.




Speaking on behalf of Macmillan India Ltd, Mr. T J Mody, Sr. Vice President, said "On knowing what the first 4 seconds are, everyone will surely think they don't need help. But, that is where this book stands apart by actually revealing all the finer intricacies of even everyday communication". Having been the preferred publisher for other Communication specialists like Shiv Khere and Arfeen Khan, Mr. Mody went on to say that Macmillan



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